Collage of different types of hydrangeas

For gardeners in the Northern hemisphere, we are coming into the home stretch for how to care for your hydrangeas in autumn. Where I garden in US Zone 5b, we are almost out of time by mid-August. But if you garden where it is warmer, you have a few more weeks. Here’s what to keep…

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Big Leaf Hydrangea in Garden Setting

Finally, it’s here. The hydrangeas in USDA Zones 5 and 6 are not only showing buds, but flowers have begun to emerge on some varieties. So it’s time for a status check for this season’s hydrangeas.

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Success With Hydrangeas Book On Sale

Success With Hydrangeas book

Print Book Reduction Success With Hydrangeas is on sale! I was just on Amazon checking my numbers and noticed they have reduced the selling price of my book. It normally sells for $29.95 USD and for however long they decide, it is being sold for $26.16 USD AND FREE SHIPPING (without a Prime membership). You…

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