Success With Hydrangeas: A Gardener's Guide

When a garden includes hydrangeas, you can count on months of consistent carefree color if you know what to do with them. Success with Hydrangeas gives tips for knowledgeable and novice gardeners alike on how to grow this favorite garden shrub. Each of the thirteen chapters covers the whys and wherefores in easy-to understand language with nearly 150 photos and illustrations.

Success with Hydrangeas in an international best seller. It is packed with valuable information including:

  • When and how to prune
  • When and how to fertilize
  • When to transplant
  • How to propagate
  • When to water -- or not
  • And so much more!

Read the reviews below and order today. Surprise someone or gift yourself with a SIGNED COPY for $36.95 (no international orders, please!) from this website.

If you prefer to have a electronic version, that is now available. With the electronic version, you have the info you need at your fingertips when you are considering a purchase at a garden center or admiring a plant in another garden, etc. It's a handy resource.


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What People Are Saying About

Success with Hydrangeas

Success with Hydrangeas is packed with colorful pictures and great information. The book is incredibly comprehensive, including a chapter on diseases and pests common to Hydrangeas, as well as how to treat them. Success with Hydrangeas is an easy to read and understand resource for growing gorgeous Hydrangeas. 

Kerry Ann Mendez

Award-winning speaker, author, consultant and garden designer. Owner of Perennially Yours, LLC.

Lorraine Ballato’s new book, Success with Hydrangeas, is an essential resource for both amateurs and aficionados alike. Her approach to the subject is comprehensive and leaves no stone unturned. Want to know why your hydrangeas aren’t blooming? Get this book!" 

Anne & Will Rowlands

Editors and publishers of Connecticut Gardener

You must check out Success with Hydrangeas which is a gem! I have had my fill of veggie and herb books. They are good, but us real plant people want books on trees, shrubs, and perennials. This gardener's guide is not just an encyclopedia, but is cram-packed with how to plant and prune, insects and diseases, transplanting, and sources where to buy. In other words, it's written for everyone. Lots of pictures are helpful, including new plants. The author, Lorraine Ballato, a well-known lecturer and author, as well as some great GWA personalities, have put together a great [book].

Stephanie Cohen

Award Winning Author and Speaker

This book is EXACTLY what gardeners need. Lorraine has organized the very complex world of hydrangeas. Her detailed, well-researched, and easy-to-understand explanation of how the many species of hydrangeas set up buds and flowers taught me SO much. She covers pruning in great detail, a question that, as a garden center owner and educator, I am asked about constantly. Watering, feeding, and so much more is clearly explained, species by species. This is not a coffee table book- this is THE reference book that you will turn to again and again.

Nancy DuBrule-Clemente

Horticulturist, garden writer, speaker, and owner of Natureworks, an exceptional renowned organic nursery and garden center in Northford, CT