Collage of different types of hydrangeas

I am often asked to help someone identify what kind of hydrangea they have. Many people have plants that they inherited when they bought their home, or someone gave it to them, or they lost the tag, etc. You may wonder why this matters. It matters ‘cause in hydrangea-land you treat different kinds of hydrangeas…

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Big leaf hydrangea flowers to be deadheaded

This is the time of year when many gardeners wonder about deadheading their hydrangeas. Like everything else about this shrub, what you do depends on the type of hydrangea you have and what you want to achieve. Let’s dig down into the details.

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My last two posts covered several new hydrangeas you are likely to meet this year. Here is part 3 with details on a few more. I also provide some links: one is for a new study on woodland/smooth hydrangeas that you may find useful. The second link will take you to an excellent article on…

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Hydrangea Arborescens Incrediball Holding Up To Snow

I woke up yesterday morning to this lovely winter scene. Not much of a surprise as I DO live in zone 5B. Since I am already in the holiday spirit, this “mood” snow got me thinking about how some of the new hydrangea introductions for 2022 will fit into my garden and winter view.

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A collage of hydrangeas from the Shamrock Collection in France

My apologies for being absent for so long. I have been working on a new hydrangea book about pruning to the exclusion of just about everything else. But I am seeing lots of questions in a variety of formats asking about hydrangea pruning. Clearly, it’s time to open the hydrangea pruning discussion for 2021.

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Hydrangea Paniculata 'Tickled Pink' Mid-Season

If your hydrangeas live in the milder parts of the U.S. and Europe, and the spirit moves you, you can consider pruning only your new wood blooming hydrangeas now. It’s hard to conceive of that when you live where I do. Last March we had 3 Nor’easters. Not only did they bury everything, but the…

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Web Worms On Panicle Hydrangeas

Panicle hydrangea 'Firelight'

In July, I wrote about web worms (Hyphantria cunea) on panicle hydrangeas. For the past several weeks, the second generation of web worms has been active in my neck of the woods. And boy, are they active! It seems every day they form new webs where none were the previous day. That will continue through October or until the…

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