Hydrangea Pruning Mid Season

Now that we are in mid-season, it’s time to prune your big leaf and mountain hydrangeas for the last time this season.  IMPROVE YOUR PLANTS’ LOOK Does your plant look like this where the new growth from this season is hiding the flowers?   If you want to reveal those flowers, now is the time…

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How to Prune A Bigleaf Hydrangea

It’s finally time to prune your old wood hydrangeas. This is in addition to what I wrote in February of this year about hydrangea pruning. At that time I wrote it was safe to prune your panicle and woodland hydrangeas in late winter. If you haven’t already done that, get going unless you live in…

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Hydrangea Serrata 'Tuff Stuff' looks great in a container

Our fabulous hydrangea season continues. But now it’s time to think about hydrangea pruning in mid-season, specifically big leaf and mountain hydrangeas. We have had so much good weather that the plants are putting on lots of new growth. That’s good news and bad news. Good news in that the new growth will fuel your…

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Hydrangea Care Late Winter

Landscape Hydrangeas

Are you as anxious to get outside as I am? Especially to engage in some late winter hydrangea care? Despite my itchy fingers, I know I am in the HYDRANGEA DANGER ZONE™ (HDZ). Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time can rob me of my flowers for the season if I’m not careful. So…

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A collage of hydrangeas from the Shamrock Collection in France

My apologies for being absent for so long. I have been working on a new hydrangea book about pruning to the exclusion of just about everything else. But I am seeing lots of questions in a variety of formats asking about hydrangea pruning. Clearly, it’s time to open the hydrangea pruning discussion for 2021.

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Preparing Your Hydrangeas For Winter

Winter view of ornamental grass

It’s time to start preparing your hydrangeas for winter. With autumn’s official start right around the corner on September 22, it’ a good time to start to get your plants ready for winter while the weather is still pleasant and mild.

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