I am delighted to tell you that I have just confirmed a free virtual upcoming hydrangea pruning talk, Pruning Big Leaf Hydrangeas.

Landscape Hydrangeas

An assortment of hydrangeas in the landscape

Monday, March 22

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Audience listening to speaker

Audience listening to speaker

One of the most confusing chores for gardeners is what to do about pruning hydrangeas. This free virtual talk clears the air about how to handle the troublemakers: big leaf hydrangeas. We’ll look at slides and discuss what stays, what goes, and when. There won’t be enough time to discuss pruning new wood blooming hydrangeas. I wrote about those in a previous post.

This free hydrangea pruning program is provided in partnership with the Redding Garden Club. During COVID-19, the Garden Club has been offering a selection of its membership programs at no cost to the public. My thanks to the library and the Redding Garden Club for its support in helping me reach a wider audience on this important topic. For more information on the Redding Garden Club including how to join visit www.reddinggardenclub.org

Remember to Register

Registration is required for this Zoom program. Registered participants will receive an invitation the day of the program. If you include your cell phone number on the registration form, you will receive one text reminder, with Zoom link, 15-30 minutes before the program begins. Register HERE.


Watch for the Handout

There will be a comprehensive handout available the day before the presentation. I would strongly suggest if you plan to attend that you download the handout to make it a better experience, and to follow up as our season progresses.

Drawing of a fictitious handout

Drawing of a fictitious handout

I look forward to having you in the audience on March 22.

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