Time to Prepare Hydrangeas for Winter

It happened again – sudden freezing temps hit before my hydrangeas had a chance to harden off. Not a frost, but a solid freeze at 27 F that turned the birdbath turned into a skating rink. So sad to go outside and see what those temps did to my big leaf and mountain hydrangeas. Time…

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Report on 2020 Winter Impact on Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Macrophylla Blue Wave

It’s time to report on 2020 winter impact on my hydrangeas, a little later than I would have liked. I test both new and old introductions to the big leaf (macrophylla) and mountain (serrata) hydrangea families. Invariably, some plants produce few or no flowers. Then I examine why that happened. You can read previous reports…

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HYDRANGEA CARE in JULY: Make your plants thrive

Landscape Hydrangeas

You should be having a fabulous hydrangea year. The relatively mild winter and forgiving spring is giving gardeners in the Northeast a fantastic show. Just about every big leaf hydrangea (macrophylla) is flowering. If your plants aren’t performing, take a minute to read a post I just did  for the National Garden Bureau. In July it’s…

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Hydrangea Arborescens and Stuck Leaves

Leaves stuck together on woodland/smooth hydrangea

Are the leaves on your ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea arborescens stuck to each other? Inspect them and any other hydrangea arborescens you may have like Incrediball® or Invincibelle® Spirit. You may notice some leaves cupped together. It looks like the leaves above from my Invincibelle® Spirit. Interesting, huh? Don’t panic!

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Hydrangeas as Cut Flowers

Hydrangea Bouquet

Hydrangeas as cut flowers are perfect if you are feeling hydrangea-starved. That describes me a week or two ago. Then we had two consecutive days of temps in the 60s. That gave me a terminal case of spring fever! But I knew enough not to rush out and start playing with my hydrangeas. Living in…

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Deer Damage on Hydrangeas in Winter

Deer tracks in snow

This is the time of year to be alert to deer damage on hydrangeas. The winter weather pattern of deep cold, snow, and ice storms has made it increasingly difficult for them to get around and find food sources to sustain life. Deer tracks are the obvious tip off so here’s what to look for.

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Preparing Hydrangeas for Winter

DIY shrub cover from discarded pallets

We have had a few nights where the temps have dropped into the high 30s, a sobering reminder that it’s time for preparing hydrangeas for winter. Specifically, time to wrap some of my bigleaf (macrophyllas) and mountain (serratas) hydrangeas. Those that aren’t planted in protected locations as I described in my other blog posts, HERE and…

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Hydrangea Leaf Spots

Leaf spots on hydrangea

On my recent garden visits, I’ve noted an abundance of unsightly foliage and hydrangea leaf spots. They can be bacterial leaf spot from an infection by Xanthomonas campestris, or Cercospora which grows from the pathogen Cercospora hydrangeae. I’m also seeing powdery mildew on many plants. You can thank Erysiphe friesii var. friesii (formerly Microsphaera friesii).…

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Hydrangea Care For July – Part Two

Big leaf hydrangea needs to be pinch pruned

Hard to believe we are past mid-July – already! NOW is the time to deal with the last bit of mid-season hydrangea care for July, ideally by August 1. JULY HYDRANGEA CARE: PINCH PRUNE Hydrangea care in July involves “pinch pruning” any of your hydrangeas that flower on old wood. What’s the science behind this?…

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Hydrangea Care For July

If your garden is anything like mine, right about now insects and disease start rearing their ugly heads  signaling time for hydrangea care. In most cases, they show up as a result of cultural conditions. We had a very wet and cool spring and things have finally begun to dry out. But all that rain…

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