Hydrangea macrophylla 'Heart Throb' has blood red flowers

As I promised in my last post of 2021, here is the second installment about new hydrangeas that are coming to  local garden centers in 2022. Some are newer than others, but since it takes a while to build up stock, it also takes time to get them out into gardeners’ hands.

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HYDRANGEA CARE in JULY: Make your plants thrive

Landscape Hydrangeas

You should be having a fabulous hydrangea year. The relatively mild winter and forgiving spring is giving gardeners in the Northeast a fantastic show. Just about every big leaf hydrangea (macrophylla) is flowering. If your plants aren’t performing, take a minute to read a post I just did  for the National Garden Bureau. In July it’s…

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2018 Winter Impact On Hydrangeas Part One

Local Winter Temperature Chart 2017-2018

Time to report on 2018 winter impact on hydrangeas, part one. With this in mind in early May, I went out to my Zone 5 garden to see what winter had done to my hydrangeas that bloom on old wood. These are the big leaf hydrangeas (macrophylla) and mountain hydrangeas (serrata). I also checked on…

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Time To Prune Your Hydrangeas, Yes And No

Is it time to prune this big leaf hydrangea or time to wait?

  TIME TO PRUNE YOUR HYDRANGEAS, YES AND NO Time to prune your hydrangeas, but not all of them. Pruning hydrangeas is one of the hardest things for gardeners to grasp since it varies by species and it’s not a once a year thing. This time around, the subject is hydrangeas that flower on old…

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