Big Leaf Hydrangea In Its Autumn Colors

You have probably heard hydrangeas described as having a beautiful “antique” season of color, the late season. In most cases, the plants being discussed are big leaf (macrophylla) and mountain (serrata) hydrangeas. But don’t discount the oakleaf (quercifolia) and woodland/smooth (arborescens) hydrangeas. Their flowers also change into other colors. More about them later…

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HYDRANGEA CARE in JULY: Make your plants thrive

Landscape Hydrangeas

You should be having a fabulous hydrangea year. The relatively mild winter and forgiving spring is giving gardeners in the Northeast a fantastic show. Just about every big leaf hydrangea (macrophylla) is flowering. If your plants aren’t performing, take a minute to read a post I just did  for the National Garden Bureau. In July it’s…

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Preparing Your Hydrangeas For Winter

Winter view of ornamental grass

It’s time to start preparing your hydrangeas for winter. With autumn’s official start right around the corner on September 22, it’ a good time to start to get your plants ready for winter while the weather is still pleasant and mild.

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