Blooming Bigleaf Hydrangea

Now that it is July, it’s time to fertilize your hydrangeas, especially for next year. You should be having a fabulous hydrangea year. The relatively mild winter and forgiving spring is giving all of us a fantastic show. Just about every big leaf hydrangea (macrophylla) is flowering. But don’t be lulled into thinking you can…

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Hydrangea Care Late Winter

Landscape Hydrangeas

Are you as anxious to get outside as I am? Especially to engage in some late winter hydrangea care? Despite my itchy fingers, I know I am in the HYDRANGEA DANGER ZONE™ (HDZ). Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time can rob me of my flowers for the season if I’m not careful. So…

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Preparing Your Hydrangeas For Winter

Winter view of ornamental grass

It’s time to start preparing your hydrangeas for winter. With autumn’s official start right around the corner on September 22, it’ a good time to start to get your plants ready for winter while the weather is still pleasant and mild.

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Time To Prune Your Hydrangeas, Yes And No

Is it time to prune this big leaf hydrangea or time to wait?

  TIME TO PRUNE YOUR HYDRANGEAS, YES AND NO Time to prune your hydrangeas, but not all of them. Pruning hydrangeas is one of the hardest things for gardeners to grasp since it varies by species and it’s not a once a year thing. This time around, the subject is hydrangeas that flower on old…

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