Protecting Hydrangeas From Deer And Rabbits

Protect your hydrangeas from hungry deer

I’m focusing this week on protecting my hydrangeas from deer and rabbits for the winter. The new wood bloomers like ‘Annabelle’ and PGs are fair game which I let the wildlife “prune” for me. The big leaf hydrangeas are rebloomers which I no longer protect against the weather. I take a chance and depend on…

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Hydrangea Leaves Stuck Together

Leaves stuck together on woodland/smooth hydrangea

Why are some hydrangea leave stuck together? Take a look at your ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea and any other hydrangea arborescens you may have like Incrediball┬« or Invincibelle┬« Spirit. You may notice some of the leaves stuck together and cupped. It looks like these leaves on my Invincibelle┬« Spirit. Pretty interesting, huh? Don’t panic!

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