One area that always comes up in my hydrangea talks is how to use hydrangeas in containers. We see them all the time, but what exactly do you need to know to get that look?

Look to the Sources That Have Already Provided Info

Rather than having me repeat what has already been published on line, I thought for a change that I would give you the links to two sources that will pretty much answer your questions. There is one caveat, however. Be aware that both of these articles are written by sellers with a vested interest, i.e., they offer plants that go well in containers. 

How to Grow Hydrangeas in Pots


Dwarf hydrangea in a container

Dwarf hydrangea in a container

Container Hydrangea Inspiration


Hydrangea Endless Summer in a container

Hydrangea macrophylla Endless Summer in a container

What About Other Sellers

There are other sellers that have container-sized hydrangeas that you should know about. Bloomin’ Easy, Southern Living, and Star Roses and Plants are just three of them. A quick internet search will provide even more.

Hydrangea paniculata Little Quick Fire in a container

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Little Quick Fire’ in a container

How to Shop for Dwarf Hydrangeas

Here’s what I recommend you do. Read through the two articles I have highlighted. They will give you a good foundation for what to do and how to do it for containerized hydrangeas. But don’t limit yourself to only those plants that are highlighted in these articles. When you go to the garden center, look closely at the plant tags. I’m sure you will see other hydrangeas that are truly dwarf – not immature – that can work for you.

Expect to find options that are plentiful across the spectrum of hydrangea varieties. And don’t be afraid to get them via mail order. In the back of MY HYDRANGEA BOOK, I list several sources of mail order hydrangeas that are reputable and dependable.

Gardener holding book, Success With Hydrangeas

Gardener holding book, Success With Hydrangeas


Suggestion for a Mother’s Day Gift 

My internationally best-selling hydrangea book would make a terrific Mother’s Day gift for the gardening mama in your life. You can easily order a SIGNED COPY from my site. But even better is a copy that is inscribed to the recipient. Just tell me how you want that to read on your order and I will be thrilled to accommodate that request. The book along with a potted/gift hydrangea (which is available everywhere right now) would be a big hit.

Upcoming Public Talks

Audience listening to speaker

Audience listening to speaker

I am continuing to book talks, both virtual and live (HOORAY!!!). If you are interested in having me speak to your group, just click HERE and you will be taken to the “Contact Me” page of my site to begin our dialogue. I cover lots of other topics besides hydrangeas, as you will see when you click on “SPEAKING TOPICS”. All my talks are 5-star rated, so you won’t be disappointed.

Here are my upcoming public talks for the next few weeks:

April 9, 9.30-11.30: (tomorrow morning) Shrubs, The Backbone of the Garden, New York Botanical Garden. Format: Virtual. Cost: Member – $55; Non-member – $59. Learn how to use shrubs in your garden.

May 7, 10.00 am – 1 pm: Shady Characters, New York Botanical Garden. Format: In person. Cost: Member – $65; Non-member – $69. Learn about shade gardening, what to do and how to do it.

For longer range planning, I am pleased to tell you that I am speaking on July 7 at this year’s Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival. The details of the full program are still being developed, but if you want to be on the Cape for its prime hydrangea season, now is the time to get your ducks lined up and maybe make hotel arrangements.

I look forward to seeing you. Tell/bring your friends.

National Gardening Day

In case you want to celebrate, April 14th  is a good day to do so. It is National Gardening Day. I hope to buy some pansies. What about you?

Busting Hydrangea Myths

Lastly, National Garden Bureau just posted an article I wrote about Busting Hydrangea Myths. You might find this quick read helpful.

Thank you for reading.

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