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Big leaf hydrangea needs to be pinch pruned

Hydrangea Care For July – Part Two

Hard to believe we are past mid-July – already! NOW is the time to deal with the last bit of mid-season hydrangea care for July, ideally by August 1. JULY HYDRANGEA CARE: PINCH PRUNE Hydrangea care in July involves “pinch pruning” any of your hydrangeas that flower on old wood. What’s the science behind this?…

Hydrangea Care For July

If your garden is anything like mine, right about now insects and disease start rearing their ugly heads  signaling time for hydrangea care. In most cases, they show up as a result of cultural conditions. We had a very wet and cool spring and things have finally begun to dry out. But all that rain…
Weather chart showing extremely low winter temperatures

2019 Winter Impact on Hydrangeas

Time to report on 2019 winter impact on hydrangeas. In early May, I went out to my Zone 5 garden to see what the past winter had done to my hydrangeas that bloom on old wood: big leaf (macrophylla) and mountain hydrangea (serrata). I also checked on the oak leaf (quercifolia) and climbing (petiolaris) hydrangeas I grow. 
Climbing hydrangea elegantly drapes an arbor

Climbing Hydrangea, A Plant For All Gardens

  If you’re lucky enough to have a climbing hydrangea (hydrangea anomala petiolaris), you already know what a fabulous plant it is. And right now it is in its glory in my zone 5B garden. The fact that it grows in shade and is drought tolerant makes it doubly attractive. And in my little slice…
Leaves stuck together on woodland/smooth hydrangea

‘Annabelle’ Hydrangea Leaves Closed

Are your ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea leaves closed? To start with, inspect them and any other woodland/smooth (arborescens) hydrangeas you may have, e.g., Incrediball® or Invincibelle® Spirit. You may notice the same situation like my leaves in the photo. Interesting, huh? Don’t panic!
Is it time to prune this big leaf hydrangea or time to wait?

Pruning Your Old Wood Hydrangeas

Pruning your old wood hydrangeas may be possible now. But not all of them which is a source of much confusion.Which ones should you examine for this task? Your old wood plants include big leaf hydrangeas (macrophylla), mountain hydrangeas (serrata), oak leaf hydrangeas (quercifolia),  and climbing hydrangeas (petiolaris). Even if your plant is a rebloomer…
Annabelle hydrangea before spring pruning

Hydrangea Pruning: ‘Annabelle’ and ‘Limelight’

Hydrangea pruning of  ‘Annabelle’ and ‘Limelight’ is the order of the day in my April Connecticut garden. They both flower on the growth they will put on this year, better known as “new wood.” In hydrangea-land, those new wood plants are woodland/smooth hydrangea arborescens like ‘Annabelle’, or for example any plant that has Incrediball® or…
Hydrangea being pruned

Get Ready For Hydrangea Pruning

It’s just about time to engage in a gardener’s spring ritual and get ready for hydrangea pruning. We have had a few teaser days of 50 degrees but where I live in Connecticut the footing hasn’t been safe enough to go out and do much. But it has been a good time to get things…
New wood hydrangea Pinky Winky needs to be pruned.

Time To Prune New Wood Hydrangeas

It’s time to prune new wood hydrangeas, especially if your plants live in warm parts of the U.S. (zone 7 and up) and elsewhere. It’s hard to conceive of that when you live where I do (zone 5) as we stare down yet another frigid blast of cold air over the next few days. But…
Protect your hydrangeas from hungry deer

Protecting Hydrangeas From Deer And Rabbits

I’m focusing this week on protecting my hydrangeas from deer and rabbits for the winter. The new wood bloomers like ‘Annabelle’ and PGs are fair game which I let the wildlife “prune” for me. The big leaf hydrangeas are rebloomers which I no longer protect against the weather. I take a chance and depend on…

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