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White Hydrangea Macrophylla

Mail Order Suppliers for Hydrangeas

During one of my recent zoom talks, I was asked for info about mail order suppliers for hydrangeas. After having answered the question, it occurred to me that you might be interested in the same info. It seems timely.
Big leaf hydrangea Let's Dance® Rhythmic Blue®


It’s finally time to prune your big leaf and mountain hydrangeas. This is in addition to what I wrote in January about hydrangea pruning. At that time I wrote that it was safe to go out and prune your woodland/smooth hydrangeas and your panicle hydrangeas. If you haven’t already done that, get going unless you live…
Landscape Hydrangeas

Free Hydrangea Zoom Webinar

Yet another free hydrangea zoom webinar. YIPPEE!!!
Hydrangea Macrophylla in full bloom


I am getting lots of questions about transplanting hydrangeas. This post should help answer most of them. Transplanting hydrangeas follows the general rule for transplanting anything: do it in the season opposite of the one in which it performs, i.e., its “off season.” So if something blooms in the fall, transplant and divide it in…
Landscape Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Pruning

I am delighted to tell you that I have just confirmed a free virtual upcoming hydrangea pruning talk, Pruning Big Leaf Hydrangeas.
Landscape Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Care Late Winter

Are you as anxious to get outside as I am? Especially to engage in some late winter hydrangea care? Despite my itchy fingers, I know I am in the HYDRANGEA DANGER ZONE™ (HDZ). Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time can rob me of my flowers for the season if I’m not careful. So…
A collage of hydrangeas from the Shamrock Collection in France


My apologies for being absent for so long. I have been working on a new hydrangea book about pruning to the exclusion of just about everything else. But I am seeing lots of questions in a variety of formats asking about hydrangea pruning. Clearly, it’s time to open the hydrangea pruning discussion for 2021.
Success With Hydrangeas book

Success With Hydrangeas Book On Sale

Print Book Reduction Success With Hydrangeas is on sale! I was just on Amazon checking my numbers and noticed they have reduced the selling price of my book. It normally sells for $29.95 USD and for however long they decide, it is being sold for $26.16 USD AND FREE SHIPPING (without a Prime membership). You…

Time to Prepare Hydrangeas for Winter

It happened again – sudden freezing temps hit before my hydrangeas had a chance to harden off. Not a frost, but a solid freeze at 27 F that turned the birdbath turned into a skating rink. So sad to go outside and see what those temps did to my big leaf and mountain hydrangeas. Time…
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Pink Shira' late season colors

Hydrangeas and Late Season Color

One of the best features of hydrangeas is that they keep on giving with their late season color. Let me explain.